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The BARTL Sheepskin Factory - A tradition of craftsmanship


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welcome in our BARTL Sheepskin Factory Online Store.

With the utmost care, we provide products for the medical, domestic and equestrian supplies, manufactures under high demands for quality.

As the saying goes: What do you have in your home, you have in your hand and can control it. Then we act.

We do not mass manufacture products or sell goods from "you know" - we have made it our task to "controlled quality rather than quantity" and thus contribute to the preservation work in Germany.

Sheepskins raw

We sort our own raw skins, which are then refined in our co-operations tannery according to the present state of technology and environmental technology.

Mr. Kai-Uwe Bartl itself was formed on teaching and school Gerber Institute in Reutlingen as refiners for fur and leather.

Our main task area is the fur and textile - but we are anxious our program repeatedly with important articles reinforced.

Nähmaschienen at work


The in-house sewing manufactures our products with great care, also available on request and to measure. 
Meticulous workmanship and attention to product confirms our recipe for success, to the measure us by our customers in quality, functionality and service. 
BARTL - produced a branded with responsibility. For info or details just ask. A highly dedicated team about your wishes, requests or suggestions. For your confidence, I cordially thank you