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Bartl Sheepskin Saddle Pad 'Feeling'

Product no.: BSK-1-0007

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The genuine: The original:

Beware inferior Chinese imitations


"Feeling": saddle pads with rolled sheepskin in front and sheepskin on the underside. With and without ventilation channel available.

Fabric: Shell: 70% cotton, 30% polyester, inside material: 100% lambskin

 Size : 

L: Back Length: 57 cm, cushion width: 40cm .

M: Back Length: 54cm, cushion width: 40cm.

S: Back Length: 50cm, cushion width: 37cm.


Colours available: many colours available, please put colour choice on 'notes' area of invoice.

Please email for bespoke colour and design.

Sheepksin colour: Natural, Silver, Black, Brown, Rose, Applegreen, Navy, Lilac, Sky Blue.

Quilt colour: Anthracite, Black, Brown, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Rose, Silver, Applegreen, Lilac, Navyblue, Orange, White, Opalgreen. 


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Additional product information

Size No Ventilation Channel
Ventilation Channel Small

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