Bartl Sheepskin Saddle Cloth 'Feeling'

Product no.: BSS-1-0101
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Function: protection against pressure and shock-absorbent. Sheepskin in seat area and rolled front. 

Equipment: Upholstery and abrasion protection ,adjustable Velcro 

Material: Shell: 60% cotton, 40% polyester, bottom: 100% lambskin 

Shape and size Guide

Many different colours - please email for details or with your requirements.

Sheepksin colour: Natural, Silver, Black, Brown, Rose, Applegreen, Navy, Lilac, Sky Blue.

Quilt colour: Anthracite, Black, Brown, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Rose, Silver, Applegreen, Lilac, Navyblue, Orange, White, Opalgreen. 


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Medical real sheepskin products have therapeutic values ​​are health-promoting and health-sustaining. 
A special cut - extra tall at the withers, thick sheepskin in the seating area (approx. 30 mm). 
Washed at 30 degrees. Dry in cold air.

Additional product information

Sheepskin No ventilation channel
Size Small DR (Dressage)

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